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Dec 10

Threading in C# Part -1

Threading in C# Part -1 Introduction and Concepts C# supports parallel execution of code through multithreading. A thread is an independent execution path, able to run simultaneously with other threads. A C# client program (Console, WPF, or Windows Forms) starts in a single thread created automatically by the CLR and operating system (the “main” thread), …

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Nov 21

How can you avoid deadlock in threading?

A good and careful planning can avoid deadlocks.There so many ways microsoft has provided by which you can reduce deadlocks example Monitor ,Interlocked classes , Wait handles, Event raising from one thread to other thread , ThreadState property which you can poll and act accordingly etc.

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Nov 20

What is monitor object?

Monitor objects are used to ensure that a block of code runs without being interrupted by code running on other threads. In other words, code in other threads cannot run until code in the synchronized code block has finished. SyncLock and End SyncLock statements are provided in order to simplify access to monitor object.

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