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May 14

Design Patterns with example


Design Patterns Design is blue print or sketch of something so it can be defined as creation of something in mind. Moving to pattern, we can define it as guideline, or something that repeats. Now the definition of design pattern becomes creating something in mind that repeats or in other words capturing design ideas as …

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Apr 18

Dispose and Finalize in C#


Dispose and Finalize in C# When the .NET framework instantiates an object, it allocates memory for that object on the managed heap. The object remains on the heap until it’s no longer referenced by any active code, at which point the memory it’s using is “garbage,” ready for memory deallocation by the .NET Garbage Collector …

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Nov 21

What is DISCO?

Abbreviation of DISCO is Discovery.It is basically used to club or group common services together on a server and provide links to the schema documents of the services it describes may require. DISCO is the discovery file which gives path to the Webservices. It contains WSDL(Web Service Description Language) When one searches for the Web Services, it …

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Nov 21

What is WebService?

Web Services are business logic components which provide functionality via the Internet using standard protocols such as HTTP. Web Services uses Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) in order to expose the business functionality. SOAP defines a standardized format in XML which can be exchanged between two entities over standard protocols such as HTTP.SOAP is platform independent so the consumer …

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Nov 21

What is marshalling and what are different kinds of marshalling?

Marshaling is used when an object is converted so that it can be sent across the network or across application domains.Unmarshaling creates an object from the marshaled data.There are two ways to do marshalling :- Marshal-by-value (MBV) :- In this the object is serialized into the channel, and a copy of the object is created on the other …

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