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FIS Sungard Investran 7- Introduction

FIS-Sungard Investran

FIS Sungard Investran 7

Sungard Investran is private equity software from FIS, which helps you automate and simplify the investment lifecycle; From pipeline management and portfolio monitoring to investment administration, cash flows and performance reporting.

Let’s put it in a different way.

FIS Sungard Investran is an integrated private equity software suite.
It automates front-office, middle-office and back-office processes for private equity firms, including general partners, limited partners, service providers, fund of funds and family offices.

FIS Sungard Investran Suite

Investran comes with a combined package which includes:

  • Investran CRM,
  • Investran Accounting – Client Application),
  • Investran Report Wizard – Client Application,
  • Investran Import Export Manager – Client Application,
  • License Manager – Client Application,
  • UDF Manager – Was Client Application, Now in Investran 7 Its a part Of CRM) etc.

A Little Explanation

SunGard Investran Accountingis a portfolio and investor accounting and private equity fund administration solution; And Sungard Investran CRM helps organizations effectively and efficiently attract, service and grow client relationships while helping decrease operational risk.

Investran Accounting, Investran CRM also helps unify front-, middle- and back-office operations and simplify workflows between teams. The solution provides users with timely access to the investor, investment and fund information, including transactional data that feeds capital accounts, schedules of investments and portfolio returns. Access is provided through a browser-based front-end. This increased visibility helps to both improve operational efficiency and decrease operational risk by providing users with detailed reports without burdening back-office teams, and by eliminating the need for redundant data entry, transfer or reconciliation between disparate systems.

Whereas, Investran Report Wizard is a very flexible database query tool, for the basis of all reporting.

Note: Investran CRM is Web Application and Contains a WCF WebService which caters Most of the requests, whereas Client Applications are Windows based application.

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