Apr 15

OOPs Top Interview Questions

Lets Refresh Fundamentals : Here are Top Basic Interview Questions for OOPs

1) What is Object Oriented Programming?

2) What is an Object?

3) What is a class?

4) Explain the basic features of OOPs ?

5) Explain the features of an Interface

6) What are Abstract classes ?

7) Difference between an abstract class and an Interface ?

8) Explain types of Inheritance

9) What is Constructor?

10) What is Destructor?

11) What is a Static Constructor?

12) What is Access Specifier?

13) What is Method Overloading?

14) What is the difference between Method Overloading and Method Overriding?

15) What is Encapsulation?

16) What is the difference between Abstraction and Encapsulation ?

17) What is a Delegate ?

18) What is multicast Delegate ?

19) What are Events ?

20) What is Operator Overloading ?

21) What is the difference between Shadowing and Overriding?

22) What is the difference between Array and Collection?

23) What is the similarities between Class and Structure?

24) What is the difference between Class and Structure?

25) What is a Nested Class?

26) What is an Indexer?

27) What is Enum?

28) What is Sealed keyword in C#?

29) What is Polymorphism and explain different types of Polymrphism?

30) What is a hashtable?

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