Jun 29

Tips to soak up all cucumber nutrition


Helpful tips to soak up all cucumber nutrition facts

-Slice tomatoes, cucumbers and shallots. Mix with red wine vinegar and 1 tbsp. olive oil. Toss and enjoy!
-Dice cucumbers and watermelon for a refreshing summer salad.
-Chop 1 cup cucumbers and add to low fat Greek yogurt and the juice of 1 lemon for raita sandwich topper.
-Add 1 cup cucumber to blender or juicer for cucumber juice. Add a splash of lime juice for additional flavor.
-Use cucumber sticks or rounds instead of potato chips for your favorite dip!
Adding a little cucumber to your diet can boost fat burning and give you plenty of health benefits. Knowing cucumber nutrition facts can help increase fat burning efforts.

and it is beneficial for :

1-Cucumber can be used for skin problems because of its diuretic, cooling and cleansing property

2-Another benefit of cucumber is in helping to heal a range of illnesses — including lung, stomach and chest problem, gout, arthritis and tapeworm

3-To reduce heartburn or sooth acid stomach, drink fresh cucumber juice. The same applies for people suffering from gastritis or ulcer.

4-To reduce swelling and soothe the eyes, place a cucumber slice over closed eyes.

5-Cucumber juice, when taken daily may help to control cases of eczema, arthritis and gout.

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