Jun 12

Basic C# Interview Questions and Answers

71. What is the difference between Array and LinkedList?

Array is a simple sequence of numbers which are not concerned about each others positions. they are independent of each others positions. adding,removing or modifying any array element is very easy. Compared to arrays ,linked list is a comlicated sequence of numbers.

72. Does C# have a throws clause?

No, unlike Java, C# does not require the developer to specify the exceptions that a method can throw.

73. Does C# support a variable number of arguments?

Yes, uisng the params keyword. The arguments are specified as a list of arguments of a specific type.

74. Can you override private virtual methods?

No, private methods are not accessible outside the class.

75. What is a multi cast delegates?

Each delegate object holds reference to a single method. However, it is possible for a delegate object to hold references of and invoke multiple methods. Such delegate objects are called multicast delegates or combinable delegates.

76. Which is an exclusive feature of C#?

Xml documentation.

77. Is using of exceptions in C# recommended?

Yes, exceptions are the recommended error handling mechanism in .NET Framework.

78. What does a break statement do in switch statements?

The break statement terminates the loop in which it exists. It also changes the flow of the execution of a program.

In switch statements, the break statement is used at the end of a case statement. The break statement is mandatory in C# and it avoids the fall through of one case statement to another.

79. Is C# object oriented?

Yes, C# is an OO language in the tradition of java and C++.

80. What is smart navigation?

The cursor position is maintained when the page gets refreshed due to the server side validation and the page gets refreshed.

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