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Basic C# Interview Questions and Answers

61. Is C# is object oriented?

Yes, C# is an OO langauge in the tradition of Java and C++.

62. What is the difference between Array and Arraylist?

An array is a collection of the same type. The size of the array is fixed in its declaration. A linked list is similar to an array but it doesn’t have a limited size.

63. What are the special operators in C#?

C# supports the following special operators.

  • is (relational operator)
  • as (relational operator)
  • typeof (type operator)
  • sizeof (size operator)
  • new (object creator)
  • .dot (member access operator)
  • checked (overflow checking)
  • unchecked (prevention of overflow checking)

64. What is meant by operators in c#?

An operator is a member that defines the meaning of applying a particular expression operator to instances of a class. Three kinds of operators can be defined: unary operators, binary operators, and conversion operators. All operators must be declared as public and static.

65. What is a parameterized type?

A parameterized type is a type that is parameterized over another value or type.

66. What are the features of abstract class?

An abstract class cannot be instantiated, and it is an error to use the new operator on an abstract class.

An abstract class is permitted (but not required) to contain abstract methods and accessors.

An abstract class cannot be scaled.

67. What is the use of abstract keyword?

The modifier abstract is a keyword used with a class, to indicate that this class cannot itself have direct instances or objects, and it is intended to be only a ‘base’ class to other classes.

68. What is the use of goto statement?

The goto statement is also included in the C# language. This goto can be used to jump from inside a loop to outside. But jumping from outside to inside a loop is not allowed.

69. What is the difference between console and window application?

A console application, which is designed to run at the command line with no user interface.
A Windows application, which is designed to run on a user’s desktop and has a user interface.

70. What is the use of return statement?

The return statement is associated with procedures (methods or functions). On executing the return statement, the system passes the control from the called procedure to the calling procedure. This return statement is used for two purposes :

to return immediately to the caller of the currently executed code

to return some value to the caller of the currently executed code.

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