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Basic C# Interview Questions and Answers

51. What are the features of c#?

C# is a simple and powerful programming language for writing enterprise edition applications.
This is a hybrid of C++ and VB. It retains many C++ features in the area statements,expressions, and operators and incorporated the productivity of VB.

C# helps the developers to easily build the web services that can be used across the Internet through any language, on any platform.

C# helps the developers accomplishing with fewer lines of code that will lead to the fewer errors in the code.

C# introduces the considerable improvement and innovations in areas such as type safety,versioning. events and garbage collections.

52. What are the types of errors?

  • Syntax error
  • Logic error
  • Runtime error

53. What is the difference between break and continue statement?

The break statement is used to terminate the current enclosing loop or conditional statements in which it appears. We have already used the break statement to come out of switch statements.

The continue statement is used to alter the sequence of execution. Instead of coming out of the loop like the break statement did, the continue statement stops the current iteration and simply returns control back to the top of the loop.

54. Define namespace?

The namespace are known as containers which will be used to organize the hierarchical set of .Net classes.

55. What is a code group?

A code group is a set of assemblies that share a security context.

56. What are sealed classes in C#?

The sealed modifier is used to prevent derivation from a class. A compile-time error occurs if a sealed class is specified as the base class of another class.

57. What is the difference between static and instance methods?

A method declared with a static modifier is a static method. A static method does not operate on a specific instance and can only access static members.

A method declared without a static modifier is an instance method. An instance method operates on a specific instance and can access both static and instance members. The instance on which an instance method was invoked can be explicitly accessed as this. It is an error to refer to this in a static method.

58. What are the different types of variables in C#?

Different types of variables used in C# are :

  • static variables
  • instance variable
  • value parameters
  • reference parameters
  • array elements
  • output parameters
  • local variables

59. What is meant by method overloading?

Method overloading permits multiple methods in the same class to have the same name as long as they have unique signatures. When compiling an invocation of an overloaded method, the compiler uses overload resolution to determine the specific method to invoke.

60. What is parameters?

Parameters are used to pass values or variable references to methods. The parameters of a method get their actual values from the arguments that are specified when the method is invoked. There are four kinds of parameters: value parameters, reference parameters, output parameters, and parameter arrays.

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