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Rooting Sony Xperia S

Rooting Sony Xperia S

Recently i have upgraded my Xperis S

Sony Xperai S ICS
Currently there is no PreRooted ROMs available on the forum, so i tried to root my device and it worked.
Below are the steps i used to root my device(Sony Xperia S Firmware v6.1.A.2.50).


Prerequisite :

  • Unlocked Boot loader (search the forum or visit Sony site to do so. plz keep in mind it will void your warrenty)
    you can try this link to  lock/unlock bootloader
  • ADB Driver should be installed on your system. to use (download it from FASTBOOT)

Files to download:

Start Rooting Xperis S(installation Guideline)

Step-1 : Copy “CWM-SuperSU-v0.96.zip” file in your SD card.

Step-2 :

  • Unzip “UnLock BootLoader.zip” anywhere on your PC (i.e. desktop) and go to Fastboot folder (UnLock BootLoaderfastboot_with_Android_USB_filefastboot )
  • Unzip “recovery-nozomi.zip” and copy “recovery-nozomi.img” file in “Fastboot” folder
  • Unzip “kernel.Stock6.1.A.2.50.zip” and copy “kernel.Stock6.1.A.2.50_Itly_en.sin” file in “Fastboot” folder.

Now, reboot your mobile in fast boot mode

Step-3 : Once connected go to “Fastboot” folder press”SHIFT” and right click on blank spot into the folder and select “Open Commend window here”

now enter the below commends

  • Check if device is connected and accessible: fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar versionif device is connected properly and drivers are installed above commend will be executed else it will show “Waiting for device”
  • Install/flash recovery : fastboot flash boot recovery-nozomi.img

once install is completed restart the device
Step-4 : Get into recovery mode

  1. Select install zip from sd card
  2. Go the location in SD card where you have copied “CWM-SuperSU-v0.96.zip” select and install it.

Once done reboot the device.

Step-5 (Final): Get into the fast boot mode.

  •  now flash stock kernel : fastboot flash boot kernel.Stock6.1.A.2.50_Itly_en.sin

reboot your device and install “superSU” from market.

you are all done and guess what now your device is rooted…



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  1. very Useful Tutorial for Rooting Sony Xperia S

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